We are serious about helping businesses and professionals transform and deliver better services and values to their customers and stakeholders.

We believe that to achieve that, businesses and individuals need to constantly learn, relearn and unlearn to be able to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business domain. That is why STACEY & LLOYD training courses are strategically curated to reposition businesses and teams to possess that competitive advantage.

Our Courses

"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay."

— Henry Ford, Founder, Ford

Organizations often have an understanding of what they need to do, but do not have the competence, capacity or capability to do them, or do them perfectly, and would rather trust an experienced hand and expert consultants on this. This is where STACEY & LLOYD comes in.

Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

Product Development

GAP/NEED Assessment

Organizational Restructuring

Business Process Management

Operational Excellence

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"Take all the training you can get; one good idea is all you need to save yourself years of hard work."

— Brian Tracy

Our core specialty involves transforming businesses at every level of the organization.

From formulating and developing market-winning and growth-driving strategies, to exploring a new or untapped market, to forecasting and modelling businesses, STACEY & LLOYD’s advisory is strategically positioned to provide the required ADVISORY services to our clients. At STACEY & LLOYD, we don’t believe in just telling businesses what to do, but partnering with them to jointly determine the next steps in their leadership journey.

Strategy Advisory

Business Advisory

Market Penetration

Business Models and Forecast

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