Organizations often have an understanding of what they need to do, but do not have the competence, capacity or capability to do them, or do them perfectly, and would rather trust an experienced hand and expert consultants on this. This is where STACEY & LLOYD comes in.

"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay."

— Henry Ford, Founder, Ford

Digital Transformation

One way to reach customers faster, better and easier is through increase in touch points. Our Digital Transformation Consulting offering starts with detailed assessment of the market, digital trends, psychographic profiling of the target audience and then supporting the team in delivering digital projects ranging from web and mobile development to analytics and reporting, tailored to the market.

Product Development

Identifying the right product to develop is just the first step. Applying the right skillset and techniques in the development, testing and launching of the product is the next most important step in Product Development. We provide consulting support in product visioning, prototype, real development, testing and eventual product launch.

Organizational Restructuring

The way organisations are designed affect the output, which in turn impacts on the outcome. The well designed organisation increases the chances of creating and delivering better value. Our Org Design offering will help businesses restructure and redesign their organisation to improve the value ad results they deliver

Business Process Management

The heart of value delivery is internal business processes. A faulty business process will deliver faulty value, irrespective of the strength and expertise of the people working the process. Usually, with a great internal business process, the organisation can be assured of better business value.