Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Use Data to improve business performance

This course will teach participants the core of data Analytics and Business Intelligence from basic to intermediate level. It will also introduce participants to, between two and three, core applications and tools used in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Participants will work on LIVE projects and assignments individually and collaboratively to gain hands-on knowledge and experience

At the end of the course, participants would have intermediate knowledge and skills to work in Reporting, Insight, Analytics and Intelligence functions

 Microsoft Excel:

  1. Data Imports & Connections
    1. Importing Data from various sources
    2. Sorting, Filtering and Summarizing Data
    3. Working with Formulas, Calculations, Variables, Dates and Tim
    4. Working with Logic and Text Functions
  2. Advanced Data Handling & Manipulations
    1. Look Up Referencing
    2. Data Gathering and Cleansing Capabilities
  3. Business Intelligence with Excel
    1. Intro to Power Excel Series
    2. Power Query
    3. Data Modelling


  1. Introduction to Business Intelligence
  2. Understanding Tableau Interface and Terminologies
  3. Creating basic calculations, strings manipulations, logic statement and quick table calculations
  4. Using Measure Names and Measure Value fields to create visualisations with multiple dimensions and measures
  5. Combining visualisations into Interactive dashboards

SPSS-Advanced Analytics

  1. Statistical Methods
  2. Predictive Analytics


  1. Data Manipulation and Definition Techniques
    1. Defining Data Integrity
    2. Mathematical Functions
    3. Stored Procedures
    4. Working with Functions
  2. Base SAS and Statistical techniques
    1. Introduction to Data Steps
    2. Proq SQL

Descriptive Analysis

  • Anyone interested in learning and gaining experience/skills of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence up to advanced level